Life  gets busy and busier as we get older and older. I recognized that priorities in life changes as we age whether we like it or not. The typical sleep-eat-play-repeat routine when we were young was no longer in our system. It certainly changed to sleep-eat-work-repeat scheme. In my case, each of my family members work five times in a week so we didn’t usually bond as much as we wanted to.  And by that, I realized that we spent most of our time outside of our home which means less chance to bond as a family. 

DSCF1727     DSCF1813Last October 2016, I settled on booking a flight for my family to Cebu without asking them their free schedule or day offs. I know asking them one by one would end up with nothing or even cancellation. So I just booked right away and just hoped and prayed for them to say yes. I’m very thankful to the Lord that He allowed us to match our schedules for our out of town trip as a family. DSCF1828DSCF2170

5 hour bus ride to Hagnaya PortDSCF1842  

DSCF2138  DSCF2158     DSCF2817 DSCF2818 DSCF2825 DSCF2834 DSCF2897

I realized that by traveling it helps our family to reconnect. Instead of rushing to finish tasks, appointments or to get another project done, we were able to simply relax and enjoy being with each other. It’s great to bond again with the family and connect with each other on a level that doesn’t always happen at home. DSCF3174 DSCF3203  DSCF3217  DSCF3407 DSCF3423 DSCF3428 DSCF3492 DSCF3515 DSCF3634   DSCF3801 DSCF3834
Vintage-style watch from Henry LondonDSCF3875  DSCF4101   DSCF4392Family’s favorito : Baked Mussels with Cheese & Garlic DSCF4395

Bikini from TrianglDSCF4875 DSCF5076  


But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. -Joshua 24:15