After almost 3 years, I finally had an opportunity to have a vacation again at Puerto Galera last January. The first time I visited the island was with my friends back in 2014. This time with my dear family so it was even more memorable. I love travelling and making good memories with my siblings and most especially with my parents. Puerto Galera is the north-westernmost municipality in the province of Oriental Mindoro. It is located at the south-western end of the Isla Verde Passage, about 130 kilometers (81 mi) south of Manila. It is mainly accessible from the Southern Luzon port of Batangas, which is acting as a gateway to the city.
Our family’s Christmas trip on Cebu (view my previous blog) last December took us almost 7 hour by land to our hotel in Batanyan Island. And that I think my parents were a bit anxious if they had to travel again for that long. Good thing, that journey to Coco Beach Island Resort was very convenient, fast and hassle-free.  Imagine there was a special transport arrangement provided called as The Coco Express where visitors can relax and they take care of the rest of the trip to Puerto Galera.
The total travel time is around 3 to 4 hours depending on traffic and weather conditions. In the morning, we were picked up by the Coco shuttle van in Berjaya Hotel, Makati and took us 2 and 1/2  hour so we had a time to take a nap. Then, stopped by a gas station for a 15-minute bathroom break. Then, we went straight to the city port bound of Puerto Galera and rode Coco Banca for less than an hour to reach Coco Beach Island Resort. I was so glad that going to the resort was fun, exciting and not so a relationship with Lay’s forever and ever haha!
(HMUA by me, myself and I hahaha)
Coco Beach Island Resort is a sprawling 10-hectare beach resort with facilities made from all-natural materials. Everything is designed to compliment each facility and its natural surroundings. Definitely, an idyllic place to recharge frayed nerves, with its cozy ambiance of bamboo and nipa hut in its very Filipino type of hospitality and accommodation.Coco Beach is located at Behiya, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro where the crystal clear water of the sea is full of life; and the hills are full of coconut palms swaying with the breeze. Here in the old days, Spanish galleons passed by the trading routes between Europe, Mexico and the East.If you’re thinking of getting away and escaping to a tropical island paradise, then you’ve found the perfect place. Today, Coco Beach has bungalows and facilities all made in natural materials. No concrete is to be seen anywhere. We have over four restaurants, 110 rooms, tennis court, hanging bridge, sports facilities, 2 swimming pools, spa – everything blends with nature. Our room was located in a hill top– all worth the steep climb // view from the bed
 very Filipina wearing Coco Beach’s SalakotHere’s our beautiful view from our Hilltop accommodation wearing our Coco Beach necklace / we were also welcomed with warm smiles, wet towels and coconut juice!
Cinderella drink (red) Php 155 — It’s a combination of pineapple juice, lime juice and orange juice It’s so addicting and refreshing!Strawberry Lemonade Php 135 / Cucumber Parsley Php 135 / Strawberry Lemonade Php 135 Fisherman’s Seafood Basket Php 1500 First time to eat a shrimp this big // same size as the palm of my hand
 matchy floral dresses and white sneakers (thanks dad for the photo)Vitamin SeaIn love with all the flowers surrounded our hill top villa
Most important meal of the day! Breakfast buffet in Carabao Restaurant
Freshly cooked pancakes
basic egg omelette
Coco Beach’s lagoon-shaped main pool is located at the center of the resort and only a few feet away from the beach. It’s fun to enjoy all sorts of activities at the pool area like pool volleyball, swimming lessons and more!
Beside the main pool is the small Children’s Pool with a slide.
The pool is open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm daily.
Drinking orange juice by the bar (monokini by SwimsuitPH & sandals by TerrysShoesPH)
Pak Pak Ganern Pose (dress by AS.PH)
my parents were both first time kayakers 
we loved our room’s view so we always prefer to eat at the balcony areaCarrot Smoothie (if I remember it right :))(Lisbon Sandals by Four Cranes)
(white flats by ForMe Clothing(Bikini by Etestyle / Accessories from Always in Style Ph)
breakfast on bed since all of us are not morning person Teehee!
(sea salt hair spray by Beach Born PH / moisturizer by Yeppunonnie PH / rope soaps by Cesa Skin / energy drink by Booster C Shot)
My skin needed some extra care after sun exposure for hours. Good thing, I brought with me my rope soaps in Coral Citrus and Pacific Lavander. They have refreshing scent and gives breezy feeling, perfect  to moisturize & cools skin down after sunburn. These soaps are also available in coffee biscuit, strawberry daiquiri, coco lemon pie and more. Visit Cesa Skin / CesaPH for more details!Enjoying the sea breezy wind at the boat dock. A perfect spot for photo shoot, no need for vsco filter!
Art appreciation on these Filipino paintings
All in all, Coco Beach Island Resort is an ideal place to relax, bond with your family & friends and enjoy God’s creation. The staff were all smiling, friendly and very attentive with all our needs. The rooms were very clean, comfortable and believe it or not, there were no air-con in our room yet fresh and breezy all throughout our stay. Food in the Carabao Restaurant was excellent yet affordable. The Coco Express transport arrangement was hassle-free and very organized with their time schedule. Pool area was very clean and perfect to relax after a day of adventure.The Coco Express transport arrangement was hassle-free and very organized with their time schedule. The resort is surrounded by the perfect white sand beach, crystal water, glorious mountains, stunning views. It’s no surprise that Coco Beach Island Resort is one of the top destinations in Puerto Galera. You’ll surely fall in love with the place that you would want to visit again and again! In fact, my family and I are already planning for our next trip in this island. We might be visiting again by December or January next year!

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