Floral, tropical, paisley or polka prints – anything mix and match with these pieces are one of the many things I enjoy as a style blogger. And that’s what you’ll probably notice first if you browse through my Instagram page. here are some of my current favorite floral prints I’m the type who appreciates details – may it be antique-inspired birds, a geometric micro prints, or vintage floral prints.  
Even more, I love it when a simple design of a tissue is well thought of like this cute printed facial tissue.  This is actually my main essential in my bag, car or even at home,
 you’ll actually see these boxes spread to almost every corner of our house! These Lilies boxes by Sanicare are elegant & classic that can even accentuate the design aesthetics of the house – whether for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or even outdoor.  Symbolizing purity, Liliums, Calla Lilies and Champaca are clustered in this watercolored pattern created by Alessandra Lanot, I heard that Sanicare helps promote local artists through partnership with Alessa Lanot. Sanicare is a line of tissues, paper towels and other hygienic products such as
underpads, cotton, wipes and toilet seat cover.
The Sanicare Facial Tissue (Econo and Travel Pack) is under the Personal Care line of Sanicare. It is known for its elegant and classic designs that perfectly fits anyone’s lifestyle. Sanicare is the only 3ply facial tissue in the market, making it soft and durable for any use.And I’m very much excited to share with you that this month, specially designed Lilies boxes will be available in groceries and department stores nationwide!! Get the first dibs on these cute Facial Tissue from Sanicare and enjoy every use!Learn more about family health and hygiene at scpa.com.ph
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